Useful Websites

Irish Websites

Health Protection Surveillance Centre - Information on vaccine preventable diseases available at

Meningitis information for parents

HSE and GP sites can order vaccines online from

Details of vaccines available from the cold chain available from

Science and Technology in Action (student and teacher information) - Edition 10 - Pertussis, Edition 9 - HPV, Edition 7 - Influenza (flu), Edition 6 - Measles, Edition 5 - Beating Mumps, Edition 4 - The MMR Vaccine.

Order information materials from


International Websites

World Health Organization (WHO) - Available at

International travel and health is a WHO publication is a reference book for doctors and nurses, giving health advice. - Available at (external link)


European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control


United Kingdom

Health information provided by the NHS (Scotland),

Immunisation for life (NHS) National Health Service, (Recommended to open using Internet Explorer browser)

The Meningitis research foundation

The National Meningitis Trust



Parents guide to childhood immunization (CDC) Centers for disease control and prevention

Epidemiology and Prevention of Vaccine - Preventable Diseases. The Pink Book 12th Edition May 2012.


Understanding Childhood immunisation ,immunise Australia Programme,

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