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European Health and Safety Campaign:

"Healthy Workplaces for All Ages" for 2016-2017 commences on the 24th of October.  In Ireland and Europe the workforce is going to have to stay in employment longer.  For all workers this means we must ensure that throughout our working life we remain fit, healthy and safe. 

The HSE is supporting this campaign be providing relevant information and resources which can be accessed here.  In summary, what you do now will influence who you are in the future, so plan your retirement, stay active and eat healthily.   Click here for further information.

Great News - The Stress Management Seminars continue:

Due to the significant demand stemming from last years campaign as part of the European Safety Campaign 2015- 2016, “Healthy Workplaces Manage Stress“, the HSE are pleased to announce the continuation of the Stress Management Seminars to run for a limited period.

The seminars are developed and delivered by a team of HSE professionals from specialist areas working together to provide effective information and tools to assist in the management of work related stress.

Seminars are based on the Cycle of Stress Management and provide a step by step approach to eliminate/reduce the stressors associated with this condition. For more information on the stress seminars please click here.

To reserve a place on any of the seminars please email:

  • Your name, contact number
  • Service/Work Location

To: or

New H&S E-learning training programme launched:

The National Health and Safety Function have developed an online training programme entitled “Managing Health and Safety in the Healthcare Setting”. The programme provides managers with the appropriate information and guidance on the core responsibilities and action required to implement a safety management programme within their area of remit. This programme is mandatory for managers, department heads and all those with responsibility for safety health and wellbeing within the HSE (HSE Memo; Workplace Safety and Health Management, 28th September 2016) and is available on HSELanD.

The software required to access the Managing Health and Safety in a Healthcare Setting E-Learning Programme is IE 9. Users experiencing difficulties should contact HSELanD for support by emailing To see how to access this health and safety programme please click here.


We would like to introduce our latest site developement called  "FAST FACTS".  Fast Facts provide a brief overview of various health and safety topics to support our managers, employees, safety representatives and others.  Why not review these documents at your safety committees/departmental meetings?.  These documents can be accessed by clicking on the Guideline, Safety Advisory Guidance Notes and Fast Facts button