Junior Cert Results – Talk to your kids about alcohol

The 2017 Junior Certificate Examination results will be available on Wednesday, 13th September, and the HSE is urging parents to take steps to ensure teenagers have a safe night out and to be aware of the risks of underage drinking. 


Alcohol should play no part in Junior Certificate celebrations, and parents can support young people to enjoy their success by organising a celebration at home or elsewhere, or to go to age-appropriate events where alcohol will not be an option. Parents can find more information by visiting the “What are the risks of teenage drinking?” section on AskAboutAlcohol.ie. offers a resource and support for parents, with information, advice and the full facts to help your child stay safe and be smart around alcohol. Some helpful advice on AskAboutAlcohol.ie for parents of teenagers includes “10 Tips for Parents” and “Tips for Talking to a Teen”.


If you think your child is drinking, AskAboutAlcohol.ie provides advice and information to parents and a guide for setting rules around alcohol. Parents can also contact the HSE Alcohol Helpline on 1800 459 459  if you have a question or worry in relation to your child and alcohol.


Last updated on: 12 / 09 / 2017