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Sexual Health Information& Support for MSM and Transgender People  Is a GHN and GMHS programme supported by the HSE. Information for gay and bisexual men (MSM) on HIV Testing, sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), Safer Sex, Syphilis and Hepatitis. All the information is in nine languages: Arabic, English, French, Irish, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish. Comprehensive listing of all HIV and STI clinics in Ireland.  Online ordering of low cost condoms and lube for posting in plain packs.

Outhouse Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Centre in Dublin Counselling, support also information and free condoms and lube Telephone information and support on sexuality issues also on HIV, STIs and safer sex for MSM also support for living with HIV.  Telephone 01-872 1055 Monday to Friday 7pm to 9pm. also Saturday and Sundays 4pm to 6pm. Support for people living with HIV and Tuesday club for MSM living with HIV National forums and representations for people living with HIV For HIV and sexual health services, information and support in Northern Ireland The HSE’s online sexual health information for everyone  Services for LGBT young people aged 14 to 23.  Also network of young people groups around Ireland.  Resources for schools and youth organisations.

Gay Community News Free monthly magazine including a Positive Health Page.

Networking: GMHS works closely with a variety of agencies and groups and is active in networks promoting the service and related issues through publications, research, training and conferences. Details of the networks are available directly from their websites or from the co-ordinating group.

Gay Health Network

Correlation Network – European Network Social Inclusion & Health