How to apply

You can apply for a Medical Card online or by post.
Watch our short video. It explains the information we need and the documents you need to send us so we can assess your application.


This version of the video has Sign Language.

Apply online - for General Medical Cards

The quickest way to apply for a medical card is online.
Click here to apply online

If your online application is successful you will have your medical card within 15 days. You can also check online the progress of your application if this has been submitted to the central processing office in Finglas, the current status of your medical card or submit a query to our central processing office.

Make sure you have all the information you need to hand such as your PPS number and those of your dependents, a recent payslip, details of your income and outgoings on tax, PRSI, rent and mortgage etc.

Medical Card eligibility for children diagnosed with cancer

Medical Card eligibility is being granted to all children under the age of 18 years who have been diagnosed with cancer.

The parent or guardian whose child has had a diagnosis of cancer within the past 5 years, can apply for a Medical Card by completing a MC1B application form (their GP must also stamp this form to confirm acceptance of the child onto their panel).

The income details of the child's parent or guardian do not need to be provided with this form but a medical report from the child's GP or medical consultant need to be provided with the application. The medical report should be dated within the last 6 months and detail both the cancer diagnosis and the date of the diagnosis.

Parent' or guardians can seek further assistance in completing the form by phoning callsave 1890 252 919 or by visiting their local Community Health Office.

The completed form can be sent by post to:

The National Medical Card Unit, PO Box 12629, Dublin 11.


Apply online - for General Medical Cards


Apply for Cards for People aged 70 or over

Details of how to apply for a Medical Card or GP Visit Card if you are aged 70 or over are on this page, along with the special Application Form.

A GP Visit Card Scheme has been introduced for Persons aged 70 and over, you can regiser for this scheme, regardless of income. Further details are available at


Apply by post

Click here to download a medical card application form.  Forms are also available from your Local Health Office


Filling in the Form Properly
The checklist below will help you to fill in the form properly:

Please check that you have completed the following:

  • Have you provided your own PPSN (Personal Public Service Number) and PPSNs for your spouse and all your dependents?
  • Have you filled in all the sections that apply to yourself and your family?
  • If you are employed, have you attached a recent payslip showing your earnings and a P60 form?
  • If you are self-employed, have you attached a recent income assessment notice from the Inspector of Taxes or a set of recent trading accounts?
  • Have you signed and dated the form?
  • Has your doctor signed the form?

Failure to fill out all sections fully may result in delays.

Completed forms should be sent to

Client Registration Unit,
P.O. Box 11745,
Dublin 11.

If you have any questions before you send your application Lo-Call 1890 252 919 or contact your Local Health Office.

If your application is successful, you will receive a card for yourself and one for each eligible member of your family included on the form. Dependents such as students over 16 and under 25 years must apply separately. Keep your card safe as you need it each time you use any of the services e.g. visit the doctor or chemist.