The Champions

Values in Action Champions have been nominated by their peers and colleagues as being the people that they turn to for support, advice and guidance. These influential individuals are creating a bottom-up, grassroots movement, to improve the culture in their workplaces and across the health services in the Mid-West. 

The Champions Role

Champions endorse the 9 behaviours personally and are visible and vocal champions of the benefits that practicing the behaviours will bring. They do this in many different ways but, above all, through conversations with their peers and colleagues. Champions are activists who are committed to spreading the 9 behaviours and turning conversations into real actions to bring the behaviours to life across the health services.

Champions will also recruit others to the Values in Action way so that over time there will be a critical mass of people engaged and the behaviours will flow naturally throughout our organisation.

In summary, champions are advocates, activists, communicators, educators, storytellers and multipliers.


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