Building a Better Health Service

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Health Service Improvement

What is the Programme for Health Service Improvement?

Ireland has a lot to be proud of in many areas of health: we are living longer, fewer people smoke than they did ten years ago, we’re looking after our mental health, and we’ve improved our nutritional education. However, as our population grows, the pressure on the health service and its staff grows too.

The current health status of our growing and ageing population, combined with lifestyle trends and inequalities in health outcomes tell us that we need to make changes to ensure our health service can deliver the services that people need.

The Programme for Health Service Improvement is implementing a strategic approach to delivering tangible, sustainable change and improvement across the health service as we evolve to adapt for the future.

We want to build a better health service, where the best care is available as close to home as it can be, for everyone, guided by the principle that all of the work we support should make it possible to implement integrated, person-centred models of care, with an emphasis on developing Primary Care services.   

The Programme for Health Service Improvement (PHSI) consists of eighteen major programmes covering Service Design / Improvement, Service Delivery and Enabling Services. It is being delivered through the individual projects within these programmes and the considerable cohort of leaders and staff engaged in delivering these projects and programmes. It is supported by a network of programme offices at national and local level.

The leadership of the Health Service is committed to support and promote transformational and sustainable improvement in services. This investment enables our services to engage in programmatic change as the capacity within the already operationally stretched system is not there to deliver such transformation.This investment is what differentiates this Programme from previous transformation attempts. In 2017 the Programme is continuing to build our internal capabilities and is actively recruiting dedicated Change and Project Management personnel.

The guiding principle of the Programme, in the absence of a single national vision for health and social care services in Ireland, is that all projects should aim to make it possible to implement integrated models of care, with an emphasis on developing Primary Care services.    

Over the past two and a half years the Programme has implemented a strategic approach to delivering tangible change across the health service, with projects including: improving the processing of applications and claims by the Primary Care Reimbursement Services; the development of the individual Health Identifier number, the creation and implementation of the Haemochromatosis Model of Care, and many more. The Programme has also made considerable progress in developing the new Service Delivery System and the National Centre Commissioning Model,.    

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