Planning and Business Information (PBI)

Planning and Business Information

The Planning and Business Information Unit, as part of the Office of the Deputy Director General, is responsible for the implementation of a comprehensive integrated cross system planning function, a business information unit and operational performance reporting and measurement.

Planning is an integral part of the process of management. It:

>        Identifies needs

>        Sets specific goals and objectives

>        Prioritises the allocation of resources to meet needs

>        Maps out a plan as to how objectives are accomplished

Strategic planning is the process by which an organisation determines its long term strategy or direction.

The Health Act 2004 [as amended by the HSE (Governance) Act 2013 and the HSE (Financial Matters) Act 2014] stipulates that the HSE must prepare and submit the following within specified timeframes, for the Minister’s approval:

>        Corporate Plan (every 3 years)

>        National Service Plan (every year)

>        Annual Report (every year)


Corporate Plan

Our Corporate Plan sets out how we aim to improve health services over a three year timeframe. It sets out our:

>        Vision

>        Mission

>        Values

>        Goals, supporting actions and measures to achieve success.


National Service Plan

Our National Service Plan (NSP)sets out the type and volume of health and personal social services which we will provide within the resources available to us. It provides details of the actions and resources to support achievement of the goals we set out in our Corporate Plan on an annual basis.


NSP is supported by:

>        Operational Plans for divisions and corporate service functions

>        Community Healthcare Organisation and Hospital Group Plans

>        Business plans at all levels of the organisation


Annual Report

Performance monitoring is an essential part of the planning cycle. Monthly Performance Reports enable us to review progress against what we set out to achieve in our National Service Plan. An update on how our organisation has performed in any given year is undertaken though our Annual Report.

Performance Reports

The HSE's Performance Assurance Report (PAR) provides an overall analysis of key performance data from Divisions, such as Acute, Mental Health, Social Care, Primary Care, Health and Wellbeing as well as Finance and HR. The activity data reported is based on Performance Activity and Key Performance Indicators outlined in the current National Service Plan.

ormance Reports


Contact details:

National Planning Unit Telephone: 021 4923654 Email:

Assistant National Director, Performance and Business Information: 
Bernie Hyland 
Dr.Steevens Hospital, Dublin 8. 
Telephone: 01 635 2902